Improve your team with an A.I. vision !

Medical errors are one of the leading cause of death worldwide after circulatory and respiratory diseases. 40 to 80% of them are due to communication issues. [ Makary et al. 2016, Bmj ]

TeamVision is an AI-based system conceived for visualising and analysing team coordination and patient-caregiver interaction.

It reduces by 90 % the amount of time required for detecting risky behaviors and helps optimizing space for interaction *. It models in real-time embodied audio-visual interaction between teammates to spot critical moments during the intervention, thus avoiding time-consuming manual annotations of videos. A clear understanding of key human factor helps preventing errors and ensuring the clinical care of the patient.

* Results obtained through the analysis of thousands of interaction sequences in simulated clinical settings between 2020 and 2021 at University Hospitals.

Applications also developed for

  • Business : line management, negotiation, sales, recruitment
  • Education : immersive learning, interprofessional simulation

TeamVision analytics dashboard provides professionals with evidence-based information to improve team coordination and leadership.

Teamvision Head of Project : Donald Glowinski, PhD